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Estate Regaleali

Regaleali for us means family and nature, two stories that are bound together and could never exist one without the other. In 1854, Regaleali won the prize as “Model Farm” in the Annals of Sicilian Agriculture. And still today, we are never idle because there’s always something to do, something to improve, to add, to experiment. In any case, it is from these lands, from this territory between Valledolmo and Sclafani Bagni that it all began, and it is from here that we will continue to write a part of our story.
The beauty of a place like this – where there are 387 hectares under vine, 30 hectares of olive groves, 35 hectares of farmland and 30 hectares for grazing – is that you can let yourself be enveloped by the silence and enjoy the beauty of the hills. Or you can let yourself be amazed by the fact that in these lands, in the lower Madonie mountains, in the heart of Sicily, with marked differences in temperature and peaks as high as 900 meters, there are lakes full of water and woods where deer find refuge. Or yet again, let yourself be carried away by our industriousness as you get an up-close view of the vineyards, the pruning systems, the olive trees, the vegetable gardens or the collecting fields. We are never idle, it’s true, but nature around here has always been generous. Mother Nature sets the pace and the way things are done: it’s our job to preserve it and help it as needed, with the mentality of our past and an eye on the future.