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Cogito N°13

Cogito N°13

This house is not a Hotel

12 February 2020 / Via Vittorio Emanuele, 291

“An aperitif for the mind” to… listen, reflect, speak, research, share but, above all, do.

Cogito is an observatory where reflections on contemporary reality and cultural phenomena take place. It is a “social defibrillator” with an optimistic approach, aiming to enhance the Common Good. Taking as a starting point the Cartesian declaration: “cogito ergo sum”, man’s conviction that he/ she is a thinking subject, Cogito aims to create the conditions for shared critical reasoning, for “thinking together” spaces within which there will be opportunities for comparison and growth.

On 12th February, at Le Terrazze del Sole (Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 291, Palermo), Cogito welcomed Alberto Pellai, psychotherapist and researcher into the developmental age, at the Department of Bio-Medical Sciences of the University of Milan.

For this reason we come together in convivial spaces, in conversation with writers, journalists, intellectuals, artists, scientists and creative professionals. The events include audiovisual projections, theatrical performances, exhibitions and tastings. Cogito’s objective is to involve schools, universities and a variety of associations.

“Dubium sapientiae initium”, it is only with doubt that knowledge begins.