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Cogito N°0

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Cogito N°0

Everybody could

20 May 2016 / Villa Tasca

Numero Zero was organized on May 20th at Villa Tasca. The “surprise” guest was Michele Serra, a journalist and well known TV personality. The issues that were discussed were mobility, sustainable consumption, climate and water resources. These big issues were discussed as phenomena that everybody can impact through small actions; that everybody can contribute to in the form of everyday actions. “Everybody could” was the leitmotif of the evening.

Guest of Cogito:

Il dibattito

Michele Serra and Roberto Alajmo, the Biondo Theater’s director, pulled the strings of Cogito's Numero Zero. The stage was set by the scenography of Domenico Pellegrino and the theatrical forays of Salvo Piparo and Costanza Licata directed by Sandro Tranchina. The debate touched on the small daily actions that each citizen, in his own small way, could perform. These actions are signs of civilization and allow for the re-appropriation of one's time and space. Anybody could. Just do it.