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What is Cogito

Aperitivo for the mind

Cogito is an open space for reflection on reality and its current cultural factors.

A “social defibrillator” marked by optimism and appreciation of the Common Good. Starting from the Cartesian expression cogito ergo sum and the certainty that man himself is a thinking subject, Cogito strives for shared critical reasoning, a “thinking together” in spaces of exchange and growth.

Here is why we “cogitiamo,” or think, together: in collaborative spaces, in conversation with writers, journalists, intellectuals, artists, scientists, and professionals of the creative world, through audiovisual projections, performances, theater, exhibitions, and tastings. Cogito seeks to involve schools, universities, associations.”

Dubium sapientiae initium: Doubt is the beginning of wisdom. Cogito reflects and makes people reflect: on the future, environment, technology, artificial intelligence. Schools, books, and culture, art, discoveries, and mysteries, start-ups. Food, itineraries, family, universe, Italian-ness, respect for the other. So many subjects that we would like to explore with you.


Cogito aims to look at our reality in positive terms in order for continuous improvement, to analyze cultural phenomena to better understand them, and to create spaces for cohesion and social interaction to make opportunities for exchange. All while having fun.


CogitAzioni. Thinking and acting. A dynamic interview between guest and interviewer, a topic that will be debated and examined thanks also to the CogitAttori, a group of actors who will guide the audience through the discussion. On stage Salvo Piparo, directed by Gigi Borruso. Thinking is followed by doing: each participant can become a social multiplier of an idea aimed at a collective goal. Cogito ergo, I do something.


Created from an idea of Alberto and Francesca Tasca d’Almerita to give appreciation to everything that “lives” around the production system: the environment, the landscape, the culture, and the traditions of the community.

This “journey” takes form in the promotion of events and cultural activities, to tell of all that is positive and interesting, and that can help grow the local territory. Organized in collaboration with Teatro Biondo, the real “who” protagonist of Cogito is the public who can become a social multiplier directed toward the Common Good.