We work every day so that our children will have a better environment than ours.

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We work every day so that our children will have a better environment than ours. Sustainability is not a random process, but a voluntary act which requires the support of science, technology and proper organization.

We do it because we believe that awareness is the best way to carry out a project responsibly and without compromising the future of the generations to come.


Poetry of the land.

Making wine is both a great fortune and an immense responsibility. It is the good fortune of being able to listen every day to the “poetry of the land”, to borrow a phrase from Mario Soldati, the land to which we entrust the task of narrating values deeply rooted in our history; it is the responsibility of conserving a gift – the beauty of the landscape, not only physical, but also historical and cultural – so we can hand it down unchanged to our children and grandchildren. In all our bottles of wine we try to enclose our personal vision of the world, especially in terms of responsibility. Because our agriculture has always been based on principles of sustainability. But what does that really mean? We use all the techniques and know-how available to avoid damaging the soil, the plants, the environment and future generations. For this reason, we choose not to use any chemical or short cut that could be harmful, giving preference to manual work, methods of integrated defence and preventive agronomic techniques.
For generations we have been supported in this mission by a team of men and women who are proud of their work and ready to do all that is necessary to support nature, never compromising our future.
For us, producers of wine at the craft and family level, it is very important to be careful and precise in the agronomic choices that determine the health of the territory in which we live and work.¬ Just as it is necessary to measure the impact of every action we perform.

For this reason we have chosen to join SOStain, the sustainability protocol for Sicilian viticulture, as it has allowed us to find the right balance between income and responsibility. The principles of environmental, economic and social respect have in fact created a new trend of conscious consumption that pays close attention to the impact that a specific style of production generates in its context.

SOStain not only allows us to measure and certify our level of sustainability by using rigorous scientific indicators, but also gives us access to data that helps us avoid waste and reduce costs. SOStain promotes the high quality of the common good and works as a guide and compass in our lives as a multiplier of collective well-being, a long-term vision that goes beyond the concept of competition.
There are many areas and types of information that are shared among companies, without compromising or changing one’s identity. I am convinced that this extended sharing is a multiplier of knowledge that benefits not only our company, but indeed the entire planet.


Tasca d’Almerita obtained for the second time the SOStain and VIVA company certification that demonstrates the company’s commitment to compliance with a sustainability system based on qualitative and quantitative indicators designed for the local Sicilian context.

These certifications – issued by DNV, an independent entity accredited by Accredia – are a guarantee for all consumers who want to make conscious and informed choices.

They demonstrate Tasca d’Almerita’s commitment to pursuing growth that is environmentally friendly, socially equitable and economically effective.