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Alberto Tasca

The ten ingredients of sustainability

We work each day to leave our children with a better environment.

Ten ingredients that, through the SOStain and VIVA sustainability programs, allow Tasca to measure its impact on the environment and cherish the Earth’s gifts.

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Alberto Tasca

Doing Right By Nature

Why do humans exist in the world?

It was this question, which philosopher Hans Jonas posed some time ago, that prompted my reflection on nature and the purpose of human interaction. It has been 4.4 billion years since the origin of life and only 200,000 years since the appearance of the Homo sapiens species.

Despite this, humans have already caused the extinction of living organisms on the planet, drastically reduced

the amount of fish in the oceans, and disrupted important food chains.

This is why I think we cannot wait any longer: we must shift gears in the direction of a new ethic of responsibility that does not dwell exclusively on humans. but is capable of meditating on the long-term effects of our actions.

A new ethic based on a fundamental principle: the consequences of our actions must be compatible with the survival of human life on earth.

Since the socio-environmental crisis we are going through causes nothing but a progressive degradation of human life, we need to rethink environmentalism as a form of humanism: in fact, there is no real contrast between eco-centrism and anthropocentrism, because the defense of human interests coincides with the defense of nature, and vice versa.

We humans are part, together with all other sentient beings, of the same common home, the Earth. Therefore, we cannot think of ruining a part without ruining the whole. In light of all this, in my opinion, sustainability should be understood today as an ethic of responsibility with the purpose of preserving the integrity—not only moral but also physical-—of humans and the world in which they live.

How to do this? By measuring, evaluating, and trying to predict the influence our actions may have on the fate of humanity and the planet.

It’s been 12 years since Tasca d’Almerita joined the SOStain and VIVA programs to expand awareness, because we wanted to know the precise effects of our actions in the vineyards, the winery, and throughout the organization. SOStain offers us the possibility to measure, through rigorous scientific indicators and with a multidimensional approach, our level of sustainability. All decisions are data-driven and help us avoid waste and preserve the heritage on loan from our planet. I am very proud of the many achievements we have made, which you can read about in this 12th report.

Un lavoro costante e quotidiano, impegnativo anche, che ha fatto sì che all’interno della nostra azienda la sostenibilità si trasformasse in etica della responsabilità: non soltanto un metodo di conduzione aziendale, ma uno stile di vita ispirato a valori e principi che ruotano intorno al concetto di bene comune.

I have yet to find a complete answer to the initial question. However, I can say that this way of working and living also makes the employees and all who gravitate around the company feel inspired. Everything tastes better, there is a perception of widespread well-being, and it is simply a more beautiful reality.

Alberto Tasca
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