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Cogito N°5

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Cogito N°5


17 May 2017 / Conservatorio Bellini (via Squarcialupo)

Italy is a home to culture, art, creativity, writers and scientists. Italy is a nation of which to be proud and a nation of people whose stories are worth telling. So why are we losing the use of our language? Could the Italian language be promoted abroad? Inventions such as glasses, the telephone, the piano, the personal computer, the plastic, the ice cream cone, all examples of Italian genius but nowadays what has happened to the famous Italian genius?
Why were we proud of our homeland and of ourselves previously? Italy boasts the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (51 sites are currently on the list and another 39 are candidates), ahead of China and Spain. In Europe, Italy has the largest number of castles and has the highest rate of biodiversity (Sicily is the region with the largest number of endemic species in the whole of Europe). So why do we Italians know so little about our own Italy?
The fifth round of Cogito, an aperitif for the mind, was dedicated to the theme “Italians”.

Guest of Cogito:

Aldo Cazzullo

Aldo Cazzullo, a journalist for the national newspaper Corriere della Sera and author of several books including "The interview. The 70 Italians who will remain ", “Women will inherit the land ", " Long live Italy "," Italy has awakened " and " Stop crying "(Mondadori). As usual, Salvo Piparo and his CogitActions welcomed the audience, under the direction of Alfio Scuderi. The music, by Dario Sulis (percussion and voice), Riccardo Serradifalco (guitar and voice), Daniele Tesauro (accordion), was also dedicated to “Italianness”.