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9 Dec 2019
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Rosso del Conte | 40th Edition

Rosso del Conte | 40th Edition

When Giuseppe Tasca d’Almerita planted vineyards to Perricone and Nero d’Avola grapes in 1959 on the San Lucio hill, he was investing in a future that few Sicilians could imagine: he was creating the basis for the first wine from a single vineyard in Sicily. This is how the “Riserva del Conte” was born in 1970, a wine that would be subsequently named Rosso del Conte.

This vineyard, the estate’s oldest, is recognized as the first Grande Vigna or “Great Vineyard” of Regaleali. With its longstanding “alberello” – bush trained vines, the vineyard looks today like a work of art, an avant-garde installation. Walking in the San Lucio Vineyard is fundamental for understanding its value; every trunk that makes up its composition tells a story of time, like wise old men guarding tales of the past.

During its long history, only a few vintages were not up to quality expectations and thus were not sold, an attribute to the continual commitment and coherence for excellence begun by Count Giuseppe.

Rosso del Conte_40th Edition
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