Grandi Vigne, our personal interpretation of agricultural wine on the “Continent” of Sicily

8 Apr 2016

In occasion of the 50th VINITALY we present our “Grandi Vigne”: an intimate and personal story of wines expressing territory that have captured and fascinated fans for many years: The product of what increasingly lends itself as a “continent” within an island. Continent, in fact, is the word that, more and more often, seeks to define and explain Sicilian wine.Continentewas also the typical expression used by Sicilians to identify the rest of Italy, a notion which not only recognizes their condition as islanders, but their peculiarities and presence in this part of the “World” that render the island so unique in several aspects. Sicilyin fact means ‘diversity’. Of landscapes- coastal plains to vineyards of 1000 meters in altitude; of mesoclimates- from the young soils of Etna to the ancient rooted. All of these variables come together in the role of native grapes, which have been genetically developed in a way far removed from “continental” Italian varietals, creating an identity that can’t be found anywhere else.  Here, from this very territory, begins the story of “our”Grandi Vigne, with their unique characteristics, their own story. Vineyards everlastingly tied to the environment in which they are planted whose interaction with the earth is repeated over time. “Driven by the unique historic whose interaction with the earth is repeated over time. “Driven by the unique historical heritage of information in the possession of our family for generations- that has allowed us to create our own personal classification of vineyards and land in our custody- we decided to give life to a long, exciting, exploratory journey connecting the past to the future”– declares Alberto Tasca d’Almerita –“This will give us the opportunity to leave a trace, to be more transparent and explanatory with those who seek a deeper, more comprehensive understanding. Learning about the territories, the vineyards and the expressiveness of each wine is like making new friends: each with their own personality, with whom to share your time and affection. oday the culture of wine is much more widespread than it was in the past, from experts to wine lovers. I think that creating the tools to share -even with novices- the growing wisdom of those who work the land is the key to understanding the logic and immense work behind a wine.Sunday April 10th, at the Tasca d’Almerita stand (Pad. 2 Sicilia – stand B 22 / C 34) artist Gianluca Biscalchinwill provide live illustration, drawing in his unmistakable and witty of ways – our Grandi Vigne.