2 Dec 2016

Sustainable viticulture

From November 28 to December 1, 2016, Sallier de La Tour – one of five estates of Tasca d’Almerita located in Camporeale, province of Palermo – will host a“Professional Training Course for 20 Sustainabile Operates in Viticulture and Enology”in the name of V.I.V.A. On December 2, Sallier de La Tour opens its doors for a day dedicated to deeper understanding of the project SOStain: the Sicilian way for sustainability in wine.

“We work every day towards leaving our children with an environment better than our own. Our hope lies in one word, sustainability. It’s not a casual process, but a voluntary act that requires support from science, technology and organization. We do it because we know that, like everything cultivated with passion and experience,responsibility brings great results”. This is the vision of SOStain, a dynamic and concrete modus operandi through which Sicily – through its wine – points toward sustainability, with the specific aim of encouraging members to reduce their environmental impact and their use of resources over the course of time.
SOStain is the first sustainability program for winemaking developed in Italy: the initiative was born in Sicily in 2010, whenAlberto Tasca d’Almeritaencountered Ettore Capri, director of theOPERA center of research at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart. The idea was immediately shared with Alessio Planeta and theydecided to continue, with a systematic approach, an unprecedented research of a more radical sustainability through a process that will enrich and enhance all lives around the production system, including the earth, the landscape, the flora and fauna, those who work and finally those who consume wine.
SOStain is now shared by two other notable wineries, Cantine Settesoli and Terre di Noto, with the aim of pursuing environmentally sustainable development, social equitability and economical efficiency. Distinguishing SOStain from other sustainability efforts in the wine sector is its uniquehorizontal approachbased on measuring the impact of the activities of the whole company and not just the production process related to each product. The certification, currently underway, is managed by anindependent third partythat guarantees credit to participating wineries for their efforts in the direction of sustainability, thereby creating a guarantee for consumers invested in careful and informed buying and consumption.
Sicily: first pilot region of an integrated sustainability protocol. Sicily is the first Italian region to use – within their regional sustainability program, SOStain – the calculation methods developed by theMinistry of the Environmenton behalf ofV.I.V.A.–the ongoing project (founded in 2011) promoting sustainability in Italian winemaking. In June of 2016, a voluntary agreement was signed with the Ministry of the Environment, promoting on a national level the best practices that emerge from the SOStain program – a model which, when contextualized, can be eventually applied in other viticulture regions.

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