7 Nov 2017

Etna & Chic Chef

This evening the 7th edition of Etna & Chic Chef, a special food and wine event which proceeds will go entirely to charity. Among the best Italian chefs invited, there will be also Ludovico De Vivo, Capofaro Malvasia and Resort’s chef, and this is the special dish he will cook:


White cabbage
Capers from Salina
Yogurt cheese
Algae oil
Cabbage Consommé


Yogurt cheese
1 kg of yogurt
1% table salt
mix ingredients and let it sink for 12 hours at +4°
season with pepper as desired

Cabbage broth
scraps of cabbage, onions, leeks, celery and fennel
boil the ingredients, slightly browned, for about 2 hours
filter and reduce half way, and clarify as a traditional consommé

Fried capers from Salina
desalt the capers three times in lots of cold water with 30 minute intervals
strain and dry at room temperature
fry at 150° in sunflower oil

cabbage fillet
portion the cabbage using only the heart of about 80 gr.
Slowly cook in a pan with extra virgin olive oil for about 20 min. caramelizing both sides almost to a crisp

Algae oil
100 grams of olive seed oil
20 grams of Nori algae
blend the oil and algae bringing them to 70° for about 20 min
brew for 12 hours
filter and pour into a dropping funnel

Plate the caramelized cabbage heart
Spread the yogurt cheese on the cabbage
Cover the entire surface with the fried capers
Serve the cabbage consommé separately at room temperature with algae oil to garnish.

Paired with dry Malvasia from Salina Didyme