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28 Nov 2019

“Tasca are a standard bearer in the pursuit of sustainability, with a studious approach and numerous initiatives in place. In the vineyard treatments are kept to an absolute minimum and a buffer strip of vegetation is left to grow around the vineyard perimeter to prevent any run-off from reaching the water table.

Grass is left to grow between vine rows and green manuring is carried out to promote soil health and biodiversity, which is carefully studied and monitored as an indicator of their impact. In addition to this, all vineyard fixtures are both recyclable and from sustainable sources. Organic waste is used to fertilise the vineyards.

Energy use in the winery is carefully managed. Photovoltaic plants supply energy to the Regaleali estate providing approximately 20% of the energy needs as well as all of the energy for the sales office and warehouse in Palermo. Energy-efficient temperature control and lighting systems are in use at all of the facilities.

A waste water treatment system allows all of the water used in the cellars to be purified and then re-used for irrigating the vineyards, through a targeted and efficient, localised irrigation system. An ongoing programme is in place to reduce the weight of the glass bottles used and each year the number of wines bottled in lightweight glass increases.

Tasca are also strong supporters of their local community, supporting a number of local initiatives in social and economic development as well as being a serious patron of the arts in Sicily. They are also a major promoter of tourism to Sicily, further helping to grow the local economy and providing jobs for the community. This all-encompassing approach to sustainability led to them being named the Drinks Business ‘Green Company of the Year’ in 2017.”

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