19 Sep 2018

Le Cattive – Palazzo Butera

On the first of September Le Cattive in Palazzo Butera (Palermo) opened its doors, a Locanda, a multifunctional space, a project of the Tasca d’Almerita family, with the intention to accompany the vision of the Velsecchi foundation, who have undertaken the titanic project to restore Palazzo Butera.

Le Cattive “caffè, vino, cucina” is a place where you can drink a glass of wine, to discover a selection of varietals that are representative of this land. A place where you can drop in from breakfast to dinner, which also acts as a point of reference for the cultural ongoing activities in the city, from meetings to book presentations

Such are the values shared by Massimo Valsecchi and Alberto Tasca d’Almerita which created the conditions for collaboration at Palazzo Butera. These values historically permeate the history and the agricultural, viticultural and cultural background of the Tasca world. At the center of everything is a love for beauty, for things done well and working well, which for Tasca finds its maximum expression in territorial projects, from sustainability with the SOStain/VIVA protocol to active involvement in the city thanks to the unique series “Cogito, an appetizer for the mind”. In line with this same perspective Tasca is a proud partner of Manifesta 12, telling the story of a territory by way of its wines.

Sustainability, timeless artisanship, man-made culture: these are the themes that permeate the flavors of Le Cattive, a profound study in Sicilian ingredients combined with experience that relies on apposition between popular markets and traditional Monsù home cooking, derived from Sicily’s outlying islands as well as its hillsides and mountains. The locanda will shed light on the entire region, a space in which everyone has access to travel by way of the menu. It will be a door to the city for waves of international tourists that come to admire the curated spaces of Palazzo Butera. In this synergy between art and culture, the intent of Le Cattive is to be a translator of Sicilian soul and of Tasca’s history.