From contrada to contrada, from one contrada to another: what all the wine producers in the world look for is found here, on the highest volcano in Europe

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Our history and that of the “Muntagna” came together in 2007, when the Tascante project was born:Tasca and Etna. First and foremost it represents the exact synthesis of our idea of a vineyard on the highest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. A force of nature in its primordial state.

Today, with great pride I present to you the newborns: the contrada wines (wines of the district). Our research project to study this territory began in 2004 with the first experimental vinifications. The intense body of work then assumed physical form with the purchase of the first vineyards in 2007 in Contrada Sciaranuova and Pianodario, and then in Contrada Rampante, in 2015.

But truly knowing the character of a land, understanding its nuances, identifying its strengths and other more problematic aspects, is never easy or immediate. Sure, you can get an idea right away, but you need time to really understand the details. And details make all the difference. Nerello Mascalese grapes

and the volcanic soils of Mt. Etna interact magically, expressing the strength of the territory in a distinctive and unmistakable way.

On Mt. Etna, plants grow to maturity with no serious health problems even in the wettest and rainiest years, but we shouldn’t for a minute believe that good results can be achieved without work: agriculture here is far from simple. Steep slopes, terraces that climb the sides of the volcano and a slow and late ripening period make our work in the vineyard very challenging.

That said, finally, after a decade of research and experimentation, we are ready!

In our Contradas, the plants are cared for daily with competence and passion. The grapes are harvested with almost maniacal attention: we may even carry out as many as three harvests in a single vineyard.

So, 15 years after the initial project was born and after 12 years of caring for our vineyards, I am very satisfied and proud of the journey we have made.

The vineyards of the estate

Contrada Marchesa
Contrada GrasàContrada MarchesaContrada Sciaranova
Contrada SciaranovaContrada Marchesa


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