“The blessed hills of Regaleali”. This is how I’ve always heard them called, and this is how I hold them in my heart. Alberto Tasca

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In 1830, two Tasca brothers bought the “Tenuta Regaleali” (Regaleali Estate), a green oasis in the centre of Sicily, in the ancient County of Sclafani. Since then, generation after generation, we have been custodians of this territory and have shared its fruits with passion.

After the two wars of the last century, at a time when Sicily was not known for its agricultural products or for the variety of its territories, we began to make wine on the Regaleali Estate: a fresh, light white wine (among the few that were easy to drink at that time), a red wine with a medium-bodied structure and a very respectable rosé wine: the three wines on which Regaleali built its fame.

In 1959, my grandfather Giuseppe Tasca d’Almerita planted Perricone and Nero d’Avola vines on the San Lucio hill, investing in a future that few Sicilians could imagine at the time. He thus created the basis for the first single vineyard wine in Sicily: the “Riserva del Conte” (Count’s Reserve) – later called Rosso del Conte by all – and the 1970 vintage was launched on the market. A red wine of particular longevity, it is still today an icon of the estate.

The early 1980s saw the birth of Nozze d’Oro (Golden Wedding), a white wine from native grapes (Inzolia and “Sauvignon Tasca”), capable of ageing for a long time in the bottle. Towards the end of the same decade, my father Lucio Tasca had the felicitous intuition to bring to Sicily the most internationally acclaimed

grape varieties, to compete with the largest wineries in the world. After a few experimental harvests, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay were born, the first that were produced in Sicily: wines that opened the door to earning our high reputation abroad.

From that moment on, we also began to enhance several local varieties, vinifying them as single-variety wines: Nero d’Avola, Catarratto, Perricone (typical of the area), Nerello Mascalese and Grillo.
Since 2001, I have been entrusted with the task of leading the family business, with the explicit desire to leave our children and grandchildren a better environment than the one we have inherited, strengthening our historical vocation for quality and continuous experimentation.

Regaleali, an estate of almost 600 hectares, 12 types of different soils, 6 hills between 450 and 850 metres above sea level, should be understood as an island in its own right, a monopole to be studied and understood with great precision. All our wines come from a single vineyard, or from more than one vineyard, but always within the same estate.

Now it is time to learn even more about the details of this piece of land (which my grandfather Giuseppe called the “blessed hills of Regaleali”): investigating the deepest aspects of the very close Wine/Vine relationship, the complex interactions between the individual vineyard plots and the great biodiversity of the natural environment in which they are immersed.

The vineyards of the estate

Conti NuovoSanta Tea
Tramontanata NuovaMandorletoSanta Tea(Grandi Vigne)Niccolò
Piana Case Vecchie NuovoBarbabietole
Cifitelli Nuovo
CaruanaBalataAlberello San Lucio(Grandi Vigne)Ciminnita
PollinaPiano GelsoContiSan MartinoPiana San Lucio(Grandi Vigne)Piana MargioBaracca BassaCordicellaPriviteraConti NuovoCifitelli BevaioGirato SpallieraGirato Alberello
San CosimoSan GiuseppeSanta Rosa
Santo AlessandroSopra Lago
San CosimoPollinaBalataSan LeoneSanta LuisaEx InzolieBarbabietole(Grandi Vigne)
San PietroPiana Case VecchieGirato PecoreSant’Anna
GeraciSanta OlivaConca delle FosseTramontanata
DavideSan AlbertoTramontanataGarbummeniSanta CostanzaSan Francesco(Grandi Vigne)


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Olio di Tenuta

Extra virgin olive oil

Centennial trees carefully pruned and cared for over the years, grow low branches, allowing for a more precise hand harvesting. The olives are cold pressed with a continuous cycle.

Biancolilla 67 %

Piricuddara 8%

Nocellara Del Belice 4 %

Coratina 6%

Others 15 % (Nerva, Ogliarola, Carolea, Leccino, Frantoio).

Grinding continuous cycle cold press milling

Acidity 0,20%

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